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Welcome to The South Leeds Academy. We are very proud of the young people we serve in our academy. The staff are committed to offer the best opportunities for all. We serve a large and diverse community across the south of the city of Leeds. Read More




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  • Changes to MetroCard

    25th November 2014

    Important Information for Parents/Carers

    From December 2014, Post Offices will no longer sell MetroCard products. Pupils who currently buy weekly or monthly Scho

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  • London Trip

    Leaders of the Future

    5th November 2014

    Although the academy Student Leadership Team was formed less than a year ago, the 20-strong group of young people have put forward many fantastic ideas that are

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  • Ofsted

    3rd November 2014

    The Academy is being inspected by Ofsted on Tuesday, November 4th and Wednesday, November 5th – please find some information below from Ofsted with regards to t

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  • Rasp Pi 1

    Anyone for a piece of Raspberry Pi?

    3rd November 2014

    Learning how to be a computer programmer is an essential skill for young people. To ensure our students are tech-savvy, the academy organised a computer program

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