The Attendance Team consists of professionals who are able to offer a variety of support to students and their families, including:

* Submitting referrals for support from other agencies within the area.

* Parenting support programmes where you can share experiences and learn new skills with others.

* Job clubs to assist Parents returning to work.

The Attendance Team conduct home visits to support students who are absent, and to offer support on their return to the Academy.

If you are concerned about your child’s attendance please contact the Academy on 0113 212 7162, a member of the team will contact you to offer support strategies for you.

Regular attendance is essential for young people to achieve their maximum potential. 

The Academy expects a minimum of 95% attendance from students, which is in line with the minimum level of attendance expected nationally by the Government.

Students should attend the Academy each day and on time (the Academy day starts at 8.15am) in order to ensure that they have a regular routine to support them with their learning.  

Should your child be unable to attend, please contact the Attendance Office before 8.00am on each day that your child(ren) is absent. Please note, informing the Academy of an absence does not automatically mean the absence will be authorised. Absences can only be authorised at the Principal’s discretion.

The Attendance Office can be contacted as follows:

Telephone:    0113 2127162


Text:     07624 808 604



Taking Leave During Term Time 


Requests to take a child out of the Academy during term time must be made in writing in advance. Applications for leave of absence during term time (owing to exceptional circumstances) can be obtained from the Attendance Office or downloaded below.

The Principal is unable to authorise any leave of absence during term time unless there are exceptional circumstances, for which verification should be provided. This means that holidays in term time will not be authorised and will be recorded as an unauthorised absence.

Unauthorised absence (totalling 10 sessions or more) owing to leave taken during term-time, will result in a Penalty Notice being issued per parent per child. Payment of a Penalty Notice if paid within 21 days is £60. Should you be unable to pay within 21 days, the Penalty Notice increases to £120 with a further 7 days to submit full payment. Failure to pay a Penalty Notice is likely to result in the case being referred to the Magistrates Court.